Friday, 27 September 2013

Alternative Modeling - The Next Chapter

Hey Guys,

Gonna shed some light on something Iv been working on the past few months!

Iv always loved every area of beauty/fashion/photography.

Makeup artistry is my skill and always will be cause I love it so much :)

BUT, one of my other loves (which is either gonna shock or make people uncomfortable! HA)
is alternative modeling. I LOVE latex clothing, the piercings, hair, tattoos all being a factor of BEAUTY.
Iv worked on shoots where photographers have said to me and not the model that they were avoiding shooting certain angles because they didnt want to catch their tattoos. To me the tattoo makes the model different!

I love doing all types of makeup on photo shoots but Iv never really been interested in modeling in nice, pretty shoots - unless there was a great concept behind it.

So here it is. My next chapter!

Coming to the end of this year I will be looking to work with photographers comfortable shooting alternative style!

(no Tits & Ass! :P )

Il be getting my hair chopped and dyed soon so can't wait to show it off!

I feel like Im finally at a point in my life where I am 100% comfortable being me.

So I want to embrace it!

So bring the latex, the makeup, the attitude and the pictures!

Bizarre - Im coming for yoooou!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day 4 - of the 6 week challenge

Remember how I said in the last post that I had cravings?

scratch that.

I REALLY had cravings today for sugar, fizz, donuts and allll the beautiful starchy, full of carbs, fatty love that you find in unhealthy food.

I went to the gym and did my first spinning class..... it. was. tough.

Only muscle pain I am really experiencing is in my thighs, but thats a given after all those damn squats!! >.<

My food plan is still going strong.

I always expected the first week to be tough, but this is really testing my will power.

Once I am in the clear from cravings and carbs I will be flying it.

Next weigh in is either tomorrow or Friday and Im kinda looking forward to it!

First time I started going to a gym I went way to often and broke myself. I couldn't move or walk - it was really, really shit.

So this time Im being a lot smarter about it, targeting different areas of my body at the gym each day..only part that is really getting the brunt of it, is my legs.

Tomorrow I will be doing my first TRX workout session... I have avoided doing this one for SO long cause it looks so hard! >.<

Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy checking out these posts!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 3 - of the 6 week challenge

So today was the start of the muscle pain.

I did a weighted barbell/dumbbell gym session and I can feel my legs crying after all the squats.

Todays food was alright except for dinner - but only because I really don't like fish!

I have already eaten Tuna and now Salmon because of the food plan...Im really not digging it but I understand why it is needed in your diet!

Tomorrow is my day off from work so I will be attending more gym sessions as well as 30-60 minute interval walks.

Im really starting to feel the effects of everything, my muscles hurt and I havnt quite adjusted to the new food so I still find myself hungry at times.

All in all, its going well!

Im getting my bike fixed tomorrow so it will be ready on Saturday for my cycle route which is a couple miles long!

my entire diet is Gluten & dairy free... hardcore!! >.<

My lunch today though, was AMAZING!!

Stay Posted

Monday, 23 September 2013

Sexuality - -Today Is Bi Sexual Pride Day

This is one thing that has always bugged me for as long as I can remember!

I always felt the term 'Bi Sexual' was a bit stupid to be honest.

For example,

I am attracted to guys, I have a boyfriend.


I have gotten with chicks in the past and don't see it as a big deal.

I did it because I wanted to. I found them attractive and sure, it was just good fun!

If anyone asks, I say Im 'straight' just because long term I like being with men. BUT I have enjoyed having a laugh with chicks.

Ya see?

Its ok to just do what you want and not have to worry about labeling it or fitting it into a box.

I feel calling myself 'bi sexual' is a bit silly as I know Il have a laugh with girls, but relationship wise - its guys for me.

people should just do what they like and have a laugh!

DAY 2 - Of The 6 Week Challenge

Withdrawal has really started to sink in.
IM CRAVING sugars/chocolate/coffee SO BAD!

So I cleaned out my fridge of all food and went for a food shop
in total I spent about 130 euro for the weeks shop.
One thing Im still to get is FAGE yogurt, Its pretty hard to come by :(

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is fresh and green.
Not one single item is processed.

The only snacks allowed a day are 1 apple, a handful of blueberries & 6 almonds.

Its pretty hardcore to be honest.

Also have a new cycling circuit which takes forever to complete and my usual gym sessions each day!

For dinner I had wholemeal breaded chicken sticks with a mango dip!.

So far so good guys! I havnt bailed YET!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

DAY 1 - of the 6 Week Challenge.

no one ever smiles like this during circuit training - ever.


So it was a fairly drastic change to my general lifestyle...just throwing myself in to it.

My food plan for today was:

Lemon cleanse, followed by boost juice (carrots/apples & ginger)
1 wholemeal pitta, 1 tin of tuna, 2 cherry tomatoes, mixed salad & drizzle balsamic vinegar.
Chicken Pesto pasta with onions, peppers and courgette.


Aside from gym workouts, I have a home workout that consists of:

Warm Up:
Skip for 60 seconds.
jog on the spot - 60 seconds
jumping jacks 60 seconds
Arm swings - 20
body weight squats 50 (as fast as you can)
Reverse Lunges 20 each leg
jumping jacks 60
Wall Squat 60 Seconds
Plank 30 - 60 seconds
Mountain climbers:
30 Reps.
press ups 10 - 15
Shadow Punches in squat 60 seconds
Interval walking for 30 minutes

Tomorrow I will be attending my first gym sessions as part of the program!

Dinner was amazing! really looking forward to having that again!

Tomorrow il post pics of my food shop..
everything was fresh and green! :)

Insecure In Relationships? Friends & Ex's

Does your boyfriend/girlfriend have loads of friends from the opposite sex?
Does your boyfriend/girlfriends Ex still poke around?
Do these things make you insecure?

As someone who has always had loaaaads of lad mates cause I was 'one of the boys' I'm pretty cool with my boyfriend having chick friends.
I am a really strong person and don't get insecure easily at all.
I have a line and if it's crossed il say something but id never want to be controlling.

My boyfriend still talks to his ex's and guess what?? 


Girls get waaaaay too overworked about stuff like this! The reason I'm not worried/insecure is because I KNOW my relationship. I know how strong it is. Knowing these things make a relationship so much easier!

I don't believe in stupid stuff like 'being too friendly' or 'but you started or are holding the conversation'
That makes no difference. 
Ex's were mostly good friends as well as partners.
So capping their 'friendliness' is silly. It also makes you look insecure which if you are - is already a big problem for your relationship.

So look, basically,


You never know, maybe your partners ex and you could get on great?

I think a lot of people's paranoia and jealousy damage their own relationships but its easier to pass the blame so they do.